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FeeDtheTramP BreWco the RebooT

Like all good superhero movies, it’s time for a reboot.

I haven’t brewed for longer than I can remember, I think the last time was the Christmas before last. In the house that I live in now it only has an induction hob and i don’t fancy trying to get a rolling boil on it when it heats by turning on and off. It is annoying enough trying to cook pasta. So, the only brewing I have done since living here has been at my mam’s.

Well a couple of weeks ago I went round my mates and we brewed a beer on his system. It was a sort of replica of Brewdog’s Tokyo*. That one still has a bit of time on some oak chips before being ready to bottle. He hasn’t got the best system in the world, a couple of tea urns, a good mash tun and some racking to give three tiers. But it was a million times better than my pans, cool box and hob setup.

I’ll admit I was a bit¬†jealous. So I ended up buying a tea urn and a few other bits.

20160416_102912 p20160418-212914

It might not look like much but this was a big step up from what I had and much easier.

So what was I going to brew? Well, something I have been thinking about for a while is a braggot. Never having brewed one I wasn’t sure on how much honey to use so I created this recipe for about 10L.

  • Maris Otter 2kg
  • Honey 1.02kg
  • Crystal 500g
  • Flaked Barley 300g
  • Flaked Rye 250g
  • Cascade 11g @75min
  • Centennial 11g @75min
  • Cascade 3g @65min
  • Centennial 3g @65min
  • Cascade 8g @0min
  • Centennial 8g @0min
  • Simcoe 8g @min

Hopefully it will give something tasty in a few weeks.


Waiting for the rolling boil to start is probably my favorite part of brewing. Just staring at it thinking it is going to go, it is going to go is intoxicating.