Blogs like Buses

I know you have been waiting around for me to write a blog for months and then boom three come along at once (four if you include this one, I don’t, it’s not about anything).

But I’ve not really had anything to write about. Most of my blogs have been about beer or baking. I did go on holiday the other week and get snowed in for a day where I went for a walk and ended up flapping about in snow up to my chest but besides that not much else would be that interesting. I’m no travel writer.

As for baking, I’ve not been eating carbs since the beginning of the year so baking has been out. I’m not sure anyone would want to read about me eating gradually smaller and smaller salads.

Beer has gone pretty much the same way as baking, no carbs means no beer. Although I have drank about three bottles a day, every day for the last few weeks while I have been eating carbs again (remember I mentioned a holiday, salads are not for holidays).

I could have wrote about Brewdog since being in their new brewery. They show pictures of quality control taking place in blogs they publish yet they still let inferior quality beers be sold in supermarkets and then when enough people moan about it they seem to have known that there was a problem with the batch yet they let it be sold anyway.

I could have also wrote about a blogger I started following on twitter who repeatedly links to their blog posts with different tag lines. They must have about 100 page views from me but I’ve only read about five blog posts.

And last of all I could have wrote about how the words craft, crafted and craftsmanship have been so over used in marketing of a wide variety of shit products they have lost all of the little meaning they had. Which I actually find hilarious and makes me think of hand made cards even more when I see the word craft.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s blogging spree and I will leave you with a picture of a naughty Tapir who’s nose I rubbed.

tapir face


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