Once a Year Pub Crowd

Over the festive period I’ve seen quite a few posts on social networking sites moaning about pubs being full of people who only go in once a year around Christmas. If you are one of those people who have moaned about this then get off your high horse.

What’s the problem? You go in said pub once a month, once every couple of weeks, once a week, if you are an alchie maybe even every day, unless you are in there from the moment it opens to the moment it closes everyday then how do you know that these groups of people have never been in before. Maybe you have asked the bar keep and they don’t recognise them, so what. I’m quite recognisable and loads of times people haven’t remembered me in bars that I’ve been. Maybe only one of the group has been in before and they are taking the opportunity to get more people in a place they like going.

I don’t go out drinking often but when I do it is usually to the same places. I know that there are tens, if not hundreds of people that also go to those bars every time they go out that I have never seen. If it just so happens that we all go to the same bar at the same time over Christmas should we stand looking at each other thinking to ourselves, look, there’s another group of once a year dickheads taking up all the tables so I can’t sit down. I buy several pints a month in here, a table should be reserved for me. I’m better than them.

Maybe you should get a stamp every time you go to a pub and if you don’t have enough stamps at Christmas then you shouldn’t be allowed in. But that would be stupid. Every pub I went in over the last couple of weeks I have either never been in before or haven’t been in for years. I have a tradition at Christmas were we go to a pub near home and drink in there all day. Each year it is a different one, the one I went this year I haven’t been to for several years, I’ve never drank in there more than once a year but the first time I went in there I was sixteen and as a group drinking from opening to closing we will spend hundreds of pounds.

Now what I think has bugged me the most about seeing comments from people moaning about their local being full of people they assume rightly or wrongly only go in there once a year is that the same people moan about pubs not making enough money and closing down. Why don’t they stop and think about how much extra cash is being taken by their favourite pub from groups of people that may or may not go in there again that potentially have stopped them from having to close in the new year. If the once a year brigade didn’t go in that once a year over Christmas how many pubs would shut in the lull of January due to New Years resolutions of drinking less?

And who knows, maybe that group you saw for the first time over Christmas might have enjoyed themselves that much that they become next years regulars.


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