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Well last week a blog I started reading  due to a rant about craft beer had a guest writer. The blog in question is Booze, Beats & Bites  by Nate Dawg, go check it out, do it, do it now. The first guest writer wrote about Booze and then Nate wrote on Twitter that hundreds of people were lining up to write on his blog. I wanted in and being a cheeky bastard that’s fond of baking asked if I could do a Bites piece. Then, BOOM, just like that I was a guest writer. Nate had already found a Beats blogger and I completed the set with Bites.

So go check out my guest writing for Chocolate Stout Peanut Butter Marshmallow Brownies here

I thought I would write a couple of notes about the recipe. I took a brownie recipe and then just added some other ingredients in quantities that I thought would work well. I wanted to add stout, so to work out how much I needed I actually added it to the melted chocolate until I could taste it. Obviously this makes the original batter a lot wetter. This meant that I had to cook it for longer than usual so that it wasn’t too gooey. I think if I made them again I might add 50g of flour extra to combat the liquid. But then I might add a bit more sugar to combat the extra flour. But then it wouldn’t fit in the same tin.

The marshmallows melted during cooking, upon further research a lot of recipes use marshmallow fluff which doesn’t seem to melt. Either that or they put the marshmallows on top for a couple of minutes at the end of the cooking.

They still tasted good, but in a few weeks I might have another go.



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