Edinburgh, Dogs, Pandas and Deer

Well last week I went on a little trip to Edinburgh, Mrs TramP was on a course for a couple of days so I arrived on Thursday night when she had finished.

I think I have said somewhere on here already that I had returned to alcoholism and I’ve gotten into “Craft Beer” (I hate the term “craft beer” as well as the term “real ale” but I think I will save that for another rant), so while in Edinburgh a trip to Brewdog was in order, well it would be rude not to. It was a bit smaller than I was expecting, the toilets are very small, for some reason I decided to go to the urinal that was set back in the wall, I could only just fit my shoulders in. It has a nice style in there, exposed brick, girders, old gym flooring on the walls, pallets turned into tables, and a couple of big leather couches. Where do you get those from on the cheap? I need one in my house. Mrs TramP doesn’t really drink beer and has tried most of the beers I’ve drank at home but they didn’t have any cider so it was a couple of Punk IPAs to start off with. Besides me being a fan of Brewdog I knew they did food so that’s the other reason we went in. The pizzas were pretty good, I had a hot one and Mrs TramP had one with a garlic base. There was so much beer to choose from and so little time. Mrs TramP went for a 1/3 of Cantillon Rosé de Gambrinus which apparently has 200g of raspberries per litre, it wasn’t like any beer I’ve had before. So I went for a Prototype 17.6, Brewdog’s raspberry beer. I liked the original Prototype 17 which had a 77 Lager base, raspberries and aged in a whisky cask, I disliked the next Prototype 17 that had a Trashy Blonde base, hardly any raspberries worth mentioning and no cask ageing. Prototype 17.6 has the same Trashy Blonde base but much more raspberries, this was better than the other Trashy Blonde version but still not a patch on the 77 Lager base one. Oh well, I needed to try it, next up for me was a Libertine Porter, nothing extraordinary, supposed to be hoppy but I can’t remember at the time thinking it was, but still a very nice porter. Last up new Dogma. Now I’ve only had a tiny taste of Dogma from someone else who was drinking it and can’t really remember what it was like, this new version was like the Scotch Ale Prototype but not exactly the same, I’d certainly drink it again though. And that was it for Brewdog Edinburgh, Mrs TramP couldn’t drink any more raspberry beer, were as I could have stayed there all night. Oh, I think I forgot to mention, Mrs TramP said if anything ever happens to me she knows where to get another one from, referring to the bar man with long hair and a beard who may well have been separated from me at birth. Well my Dad did have a bike.

The next day was the main event, a trip to Edinburgh Zoo. We have been there once before and it is easily the best Zoo I have been to. We had a long walk down the road works where they are putting trams in before we caught a bus to the Zoo. Pandas were booked for eleven and we got there at ten to. For some reason they had let about 30 people in the group we were in but the next group only had about ten people in it. If you are going don’t book on the hour. First up was the inside enclosure where the male Panda was having a kip. After ten minutes of having an old woman barge in front of me to see the Panda and then repeatedly walk into me when I was stood in the middle where you couldn’t see anything it was off outside to see the female. People are such morons, the outside bit has a two level viewing platform. We had hanged back to let the pushy idiots go first and then when I got round no-one had gone up to the second level where you had a much better view. The male Panda is apparently a very large example and the female is very small, you can see why, the male was having a kip, the female was doing laps of her enclosure. After another ten minutes of Panda watching it was off to the rest of the Zoo. It didn’t disappoint. The thing about Edinburgh Zoo is that most if not all the animals are out and visible. A highlight was seeing the Black Jaguar getting released into his outdoor enclosure, having a little lick of a chunk of meat that had been left out for him and then picking up a huge log in his mouth like it was a tiny stick and moving it away from his bed. I was a bit disappointed that the honey badger wasn’t there anymore or the ring tailed lemurs, but that was my fault for not checking before hand as I had with the polar bear which I knew was gone. The Sun Bears were slightly depressing, one was inside walking up and down a log and the other was outside walking back and forth about two meters. We went past twice and they were still doing it. But there was a Red-Bellied Lemur Mrs TramP fell in love with when he kept grunting and following us.

We had decided to go out for a meal that night, I had done a little last minute Google search for restaurants in Edinburgh before I got on the train and managed to book a table at The Grain Store Restaurant. It was really good to be honest, bit pricey but good. I had Pigeon for starters, Mrs TramP had Foie Gras. Mains consisted of Venison and Pork then desserts of Chocolate Fondant and Tarte Tatin. I had an Armagnac to end, they didn’t seem to get what I meant when I asked them to put it in a warm glass but I couldn’t be bothered sending it back a second time. All in all it was a nice end to a nice trip to, after only two visits might be my favourite City.


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